Kotor to Tivat by private transfer and minivan

When it comes to getting from Tivat Airport to Kotor so you can start exploring, you have two options; taking a local taxi or pre-booking a private transfer. As there’s no Tivat Airport to Kotor bus, you will need to take a taxi from the airport – unless, of course, you’re driving yourself. The cost of a Tivat Airport taxi will be €20 and the journey time will be around 15 minutes.

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If you want to check a specific date, simply select the corresponding day in the calendar to update your search. Tivat Airport is assigned 4D classification by ICAO,[1] airspace class D, and is noted for its challenging approach and landing procedures. Landing at Tivat is considered demanding due to the hilly terrain surrounding the valley in which the airport is situated, and strong prevailing crosswinds. Runway 32 approach requires a descent into the valley of Tivatsko polje, and a 20° turn for runway alignment just before landing.

Best price transfers from Kotor to Tivat Airport

Adriatic Highway (E65/E80) passes right by the passenger terminal, making the airport easily accessible from the entire northern part of Montenegrin coast. There is only one planed bus ride a day from Tivat airport at 7 am. If you are driving to Tivat Airport, you can use the Adriatic Highway (E65/E80) that passes right by the passenger terminal. The airport is easily accessible from the entire northern part of Montenegrin coast. It is located 3 km south of Tivat city center, and only 8 km from the historic city of Kotor. If you’re traveling by land, it’s important to know the distance from Tivat to Kotor.

Choose the suitable transfer class and click “Book” to proceed to the booking. The reason is the same — buses in Montenegro are a popular type of transport, so the tickets should be bought in advance as there might not be any on site. The fastest way to get to Kotor will be with a pre-booked taxi or minibus waiting to whisk you off on arrival. The day of your trip, your transport will be waiting for you for a simple, stress-free journey to your destination.

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The most comfortable option to get will be book a private transfer from Kotor to Tivat Airport. Firstly, you can pick up a car of any class and capacity, as well as order a child seat or booster for a child. Secondly, the price of the trip will be known even when booking a transfer and will not change. Thirdly, upon arrival at the Antalya airport, you will be met by a polite driver with a name plate, escorted to the car, helped with luggage and taken to the hotel. Leaving the Tivat airport, you will not be left without the attention of local taxi drivers. They will literally follow you to negotiate, but here you need to be very careful and attentive.

Popular routes connecting Kotor

In certain periods of the year we may be able to book for Tivat Airport to Kotor minibuses or coaches for larger groups, and executive or vip cars for high end requirements. This route is popular among both tourists and the locals of Montenegro, and is operated by many types of public transport. The best way to get from Tivat Airport to Kotor is kotor to tivat airport with a private taxi transfer. The distance between Tivat Airport and Kotor is approximately 8 kilometers, meaning you can reach your destination in Kotor in approximately 10min. Our trusted partners will make sure your taxi ride goes exactly as planned. To book your transfer from Tivat Airport, select one of our available transfer vehicles.

Our wide selection of carefully selected local companies offer a wide variety of transport options suitable for all budgets from economical shared bus rides to chauffeur services. We provide professional and reliable transfers from Kotor to Tivat Airport. All our transfers include meet and greet and flight monitoring. The prices quoted on this page are fixed and fully incisive. Book your private transfer from Kotor to Tivat Airport and save up to 40% compared to a local metered taxi. The cost of travel will depend on the means of transport you choose for your trip.

The company claims that it’s trying to choose drivers that speak your language, or at least English. We don’t know whether it’s true or not, but many of the drivers we drove with really understood us very well. In this article we’ll try to consider the most popular ways to get to the resort from the airport, highlight their pros and cons, and calculate approximate prices. If the destination is close to the airport, to catch a taxi on-site may be cheaper as Kiwitaxi operates on the single rate basis within the city area.


Therefore, we advise you to buy all tickets on the spot, and not online, because there were cases when flights were simply canceled or they were delayed due to huge traffic jams. Up to 5 times more expensive when calculated for only two tourists. Transfer price is roughly equivalent to the cost of public transport when ordering minivan for 6 and more passengers. Every taxi service in Montenegro operates according to its own tariff (start fee, mileage, idle time, etс.) Owner drivers charge their own price, judging by the tourist’s looks. The transfer costs as much as it was stated in a voucher at the time or pre-order.


There is a public transport stop not far from the airport, but you should not flatter yourself about this, as it rarely goes there. Therefore, it is best to take care of the airport transfer in advance and order a taxi in Tivat through local or international service providers. Booking a car in advance will help you save money at least one and a half times. It is located on the coast of Montenegro, so even on the runway you can see a small part of the sea, and, of course, incredible mountain scenery.

You will receive confirmation of your booking via email confirming your trip details. Please insert the date and time of your flight arrival (not take off), as informed by the airline. The driver will take into account luggage collection and immigration formalities. Bookaway.com makes it simple and easy to find, compare, and buy city-to-city tickets via bus, train, ferry, and more. We support over 13 languages and 23 currencies worldwide, and we believe that everyone should easily be able to find and purchase what they are looking for. We don’t just want to help you get where you want to go – we want you to enjoy the ride.

Charter flights most often fly here, so the peak of popularity of the Tivat airport falls in the summer. This option is considered the cheapest, but not very convenient in practice. The bus station of the Tivat city is located almost 3 kilometers from the airport.

All of them offer not only wide range of activities, but a rich historical and cultural heritage. The largest gem of them is Kotor, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Landing at Tivat is considered demanding and exciting by pilots and passengers alike because of the rugged terrain.

The most popular transport from Tivat to Kotor

The first floor has departure gates, duty-free shops, cafes, and a VIP lounge. Bus and coach transfers are available at discounted prices. If you choose a transfer by taxi, your group will travel in a vehicle which will be for your exclusive use only. The travel time from https://taxi-travel.me/ Tivat to Kotor can vary depending on the mode of transportation you choose. All things considered, the whole journey should take from 1 to 23 hours. The driver meets you with a sign at the airport
At the right time, the driver will be waiting for you on the spot.

How can I get from Tivat Airport to Kotor?

The transfers are usually available 24 hours and are only ideal if you have the budget and want comfort after your flight to Tivat. We offer transportation service up to 8 passengers with professional driver with knowledge of English. Exclusive transportation to your destination with a professional driver with knowledge of English who will meet you with your name written on a sign. There’s nothing more convenient than hopping off a plane and jumping straight into a private vehicle to your accommodation.

The municipality lies mostly south of the town, and has an exit to open sea at the tourist location Pržno inlet near Radovići village to the south. Its central part, where Tivat Airport is located, lies in fertile Grbalj valley. The airport is located near the isthmus of Luštica peninsula, which belongs to the municipality of Herceg Novi for the most part. The best way from Tivat airport to Kotor if you go on a budget local train from the airport and a local bus for €2 and you will have to walk minutes outside the airport. Read here how to get from Podgorica airport to Kotor, Podgorica airport to city center and Podgorica airport to Budva.

There are no official set fares when it comes to taking a local taxi from Tivat Airport to Kotor. However, the airport does have a board with the recommended fares on display and the journey from Tivat Airport to Kotor should cost around €20. If you’d prefer to secure a set fare that won’t change, you can book in advance with Welcome Pickups. You specify the arrival time in advance on a special website and book a car. Due to this, the price of the trip will be several times cheaper than taxi at the station. The sole runway of the airport ends just 88 m (289 ft) from the coastline of the Bay of Kotor.

You can check the seasonal flights from Tivat Airport on their official website. You can also use online platforms such as Skyscanner or Kayak to compare prices and find the best deals. The airport offers free Wi-Fi for all passengers, as well as accessibility and services for people with disabilities.

In addition, you will have to go all the time in a straight line, so you definitely won’t get lost. There are practically no footpaths along the route throughout the entire journey, so we do not recommend taking this route with suitcases. If you want to see the schedule of departures or arrivals from Tivat airport, we advise you to visit the official website of the Tivat airport. It contains all the relevant information about flights, their departure / arrival times, as well as delays and cancellations. Montenegro is quite a small country, so there are only two airports, one of them is Tivat (TIV), which is only 4 km from the city center.

As there are no official taxi companies at the airport, the quality of service and fares can vary. To ensure a 5-star service every time and a competitive, all-inclusive fare, you can pre-book your transfers with a trusted company such as Welcome Pickups. Take a ride along the highway or order a taxi to Lepetane (ferry crossing). And then for a maximum of €1.70 you will get to the city you need, be it Igalo, Zelenika or Kumbor.

But, to be honest, rather than waiting for a bus, it’s better to order a taxi and comfortably get to the center of Tivat. Arriving at Tivat airport, every tourist, especially those who travel on their own, should know how to get from the airport to the city center, as well as to other resorts in Montenegro. Here you will find detailed and up-to-date information about all the ways how to do it as budget-friendly, profitable, and comfortable as possible. You will also learn how to get from Tivat airport to Budva, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Becici, Petrovac, and other resorts of Montenegro. They have both low prices and cars arriving on time with decent drivers.

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