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There are various rental car companies located at the airport that provide free shuttle service to and from the terminal building and the rental car area. Renting a car is a great transportation alternative to get to the city center. It is also an ideal method of transportation to explore the city during your trip.

I hope this information helps any newbie traveller who wishes to do the same. The flight distance between Podgorica-Chicago is 8127 kilometers in total. The flight between the two cities takes 10 hour 10 minutes.

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Over 180000 health workers died of COVID-19 globally: WHO.

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Car rental is another option that you can choose for travelling to Podgorica Airport. You can reach the airport after an enjoyable and comfortable travel with a car that you can rent from one of the car rental companies in the city. You have the opportunity to rent a car with or without a driver. You have different options for reaching Podgorica Airport from the city center and other regions of the city.

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They coloured them with lookout points so they were hard to miss. It is either Montenegrins take care of their own or because of the cold weather, but I saw no beggars or homeless people in the city. Podgorica is the capital and the largest city in Montenegro.

Montenegro was the only one that kept it local, in the taxis, restaurants, buses, national radio station, everywhere, and so I applaud you. When arriving in a new city, jumping into a Podgorica taxi is the best way to start your holiday. We provide stress-free, personalised services and guaranteed on-time pickups at Welcome Pickups. Our drivers are friendly local English speakers, handpicked and trained by us. Another easy transportation alternative to get to the city center is by bus.

Traditional Montenegrin cuisines have influence from different regions in the country, the lake, mountains, and coastal regions. For example, the mountainous region provides potatoes, vegetables, and meats such as pork, beef, lamb, and dairy products. All come together to make their dishes interesting, super delicious, and not the “salt and pepper” type of seasoned meals. Below are some traditional Montenegrin dishes you should try when in Montenegro. Whether or not they were government-owned or private, I do not know. Nonetheless, I quickly realized, to avoid stress, the best and easiest way to get around the city was to download taxi apps (Nas and Tesla Go).

Gary/Chicago International Airport is located in Lake County, Indiana, 40 km from Chicago’s city center. Currently the airport only operates charter air service and cargo services however commercial service should be available in the future. You can get to the city center from the airport by train, bus, taxi, rental car, and personal car.

The route you need to take will depend on your destination in the city. You can get more information on each bus route by visit Midway International Airport’s website. I entered Montenegro by land, with one of the regular buses from Macedonia (mine was filled), and exited Montenegro by plane.

See for the best hotel deals in Budva, Montenegro. Do you love the luxurious life, partying all night long, enjoying live shows, and living it up? How about and hang out day and night on one of the thirty lovely beaches? What I saw there, especially the beach and coast area, reminded me of my visit to Hout’s Bay in Cape Town, South Africa, and the rest of it is like a mini Miami strip. Taxis are the most convenient transportation alternative to get to the city center from Chicago Rockford International Airport. Taxis fares are calculated based on the kilometers traveled.


They were pleasant and friendly and joined the list of least-paranoid and prudent TSA screeners worldwide. At this airport, they allowed all travellers to keep on their jackets, shoes, and belts. No one had to remove items from their bags, including laptops, which they sent through the scanner.

Each offering something distinctive for everyone’s desires. Whether it is partying, gorgeous beaches, or just tranquility, all three have one thing in common. The cool thing is all three cities are within a 15 – 30 minutes drive of each other. From the many road trips I took throughout Montenegro, I would have never called it Montenegro, preferably Monteblanco (white mountain) haha.

Taxi services in Podgorica are relatively inexpensive compared to other European cities. For example, a 20-minute trip from Podgorica airport to the city centre costs approximately €12. Packed with beautiful architecture, outstanding green spaces and fascinating historical sights, Podgorica is Montengro’s capital city and a European destination you must visit.

It is a country known for its spectacular mountains, gorgeous beaches and resorts, glacial lakes, and UNESCO World Heritage-listed city, Kotor. Montenegro is an inexpensive, safe, and clean country. Please continue reading to see what it is like to visit Montenegro, the land of the black mountains. Located 27 km from the city center, you can get to the city center from O’Hare International Airport by taxi, bus, metra, rental car, and personal car. O’Hare International Airport is the main international airport serving the city and it is among one of the busiest airports in the world.

Saborni Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja – The Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection. To the Montenegrins, I say, do whatever is best for you unless it affects your health and pocket. I am almost sure they have lower stress levels because of these commandments and approach to life. I saw no beggars, so it must mean they care for their own.

I recommend Tesla taxis because not only were they real Tesla cars, but they were also always on time, had pleasant drivers, were clean, and the price was always reasonable. In most countries, taxi drivers are on the hustle and will almost beg you to get into their cars, but nas taxi podgorica not in Montenegro. It was a daunting task to get a taxi in the city, not that they were scarce. If you are searching for excitement, adventure, nightlife, beaches, lakes, etc. Therefore, it offers all cruise ship passengers and visitors alike, easy access to the city.

It is also has vineyards and produces wines (try vranac red wine), and seafood and fish are plentiful. So, for these reasons, there is much to see, do, and taste on a budget. For the newbie traveller, I would recommend visiting the Balkans in late spring or summer to enjoy its true beauty.

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Air Serbia reintroduces free food, upgrades product.

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Taxi stands are located in front of each terminal exit. Taxi fares are calculated based on the kilometers traveled and are an affordable option. You can find out more about specific taxi companies and their contact information by visiting the airport’s website. Another method of transportation you can use to get to the city center from Midway International Airport is by bus. Buses are more affordable than taxis and are accessible from the main terminal building. Pace Buses provide transportation between the airport and the city center, running along 7 different routes.

Explore the countryside, and do some hiking because its hiking trails are therapeutic and with many freshwater springs. Not only do they allow camping, but it is also safe. Therefore, off-the-beaten paths await you outside the cities. Additionally, the people are even more welcoming, and prices are even lower in the villages and rural areas.

It is in the lower part of the Moraca River, at the bottom of the Gorica Hill. Consequently, it is where the name Podgorica, “meaning under the small hill”, originated. Some may still refer to it as Titograd, and the locals as Titograds. Because before 1946, it was called Podgorica but changed to Titograd during the period 1946 – 1992. However, post this period, it regained its original name, Podgorica. For Podgorica-Chicago flights, you can use Podgorica Airport as departure airport, and Chicago Nas Airport, Chicago Rockford Intl.

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As expected, any popular tourist spot is always a bit more expensive, so Budva is no exception. Nonetheless, it is still in an affordable range for all. I was in Budva on New Year’s Eve, and it was a festive atmosphere. There were live bands, and visitors packed all restaurants, hangout spots, and bars. Budva is the place to be for nightlife and entertainment, and best of all the accommodation is within range, even for the budget traveller.

How to get a taxi in Podgorica

This is an additional benefit because visitors do not have to use the one in Podgorica and then drive to this city. The coast view and surroundings, especially at sunset, was priceless. I would not say the city is boring, but for those who love non-stop action, Podgorica is not for you. I would suggest heading to Budva, Kotor, or even Tivat. Maybe during the prime tourist season, Podgorica is possibly peppier. However, even though it was not bustling or had more activities, it did not bother me because I prefer peaceful cities.

It seems they cater to the posh and boujie shoppers. The prices at the restaurants are higher than in Podgorica but yet affordable. This marina is one of the most amazing marinas I have seen in Europe. Nonetheless, after a security check, I spent little time at the airport and boarded my flight on time.

Gary/Chicago International Airport is located in Lake County Indiana, 40 km from downtown Chicago. The airport contains one terminal and currently only serves charter flights and cargo air services. The airport contains health services, rental car offices, a lost and found, and various eating and drinking venues.

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Usually, I like to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before my flight. This way, I am sure I am on time, and I can use the airline’s scale to check the weight of my luggage and reorganize it accordingly if necessary. Then have a light breakfast and relax until check-in. Because as the bus drove past the mountains, I wondered where were the fertile lands for crops, etc. I do not know if it was because I visited in the winter when there was hardly any vegetation, but all the mountains looked dry, white, and somewhat loose.

Buses operate every day except for Sundays and they are accessible next to the terminal building. Podgorica Airport, which is one of the most important airports in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, is located 11 kilometers of the city center. The airport has one terminal for domestic and international flights.

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