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After the flight, a tired person may lose vigilance on a difficult section of the road. In addition, you will spend a lot of money on gasoline. Therefore, the best options are taxi, bus and transfer.

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I almost always use EcoTaxi services, they even have executive class cars. The ticket price is 2 euros, buses pass through the stop every minutes. It takes about half an hour to go – that is, taking into account the waiting time for the bus, it will take about minutes to get to Budva. We organize customized transfer from Budva to Tivat Airport (TIV) from and to any place you need, including hotels, offices, homes or any other landmark. Transfer from Budva is operated only for you and your travel companions, without middle stops, as our shuttle from Budva is private and not shared with unknown passengers. Taxi price from Budva is flat and includes all, so there is no risk to pay additional fees if the trip will need additonal time than usual.

Enough just to order car in advanceand, as we have repeatedly already wrote above, you will save at least 2 times. On completing the reservation process you will receive a confirmation that includes also a phone number, should you have any last minute question shortly before the trip. You can stay in a dorm room for less than $15 USD while you can stay in a budget hotel for as low as $30-50 USD. There are so many to choose from depending on what type and how luxurious you want your stay to be starting from $80 USD. Tourist Budva is located on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, has been here more than once. I always have to fly home from Tivat, so this route is familiar to me.

Best price transfers from Tivat to Budva

Ticket prices can differ significantly depending on the destination and the carrier company. Book your private taxi transfer from Budva to Tivat Airport (TIV) on-line. Buses and mini buses are available for private transports between Budva, Tivat Airport (TIV) and any other destination. If you are looking for a private hire bus transfer from Budva to Tivat Airport (TIV), please write to us for a quote.

Choose a safe and comfortable vehicle from our fleet and find great offers for taxi transfer from Budva to Airport Tivat. We offer private shuttle transfer from Budva to Tivat Airport. All our transfers in Budva, from Budva or to Tivat Airport, are private and shared only with your family, friends or colleagues, without any passenger that you don’t know.

For example, a transfer for 4 people to Budva will cost euros, to Bar — euros. The most budgetary way to get from Tivat airport to other cities is, of course, a bus. Bus stops (if you can call them that) are located near the airport, on both sides of the highway. Buses to Budva, Bar, Kotor run for about 40 minutes, but the problem is that the main flow of passengers gets off at the Tivat bus station.

We were very well welcomed, and the driver was very helpful when needed.

At the airport you will be met with a sign, we will put in the car of the class, which you ordered, the money will take exactly as much as indicated on the site. The nearest airport is Tivat Airport, which is located 4 km from the city center. Note also that the cost of the order fixedwithin the city-destination, which means additional payment no needEven if your accommodation is at the opposite end of the resort. Since we are extremely interested in the question convenient and inexpensive shuttle In Montenegro, we revised the many offered services and determined two best for themselves.

The most convenient way to get from the airport to the desired resort in Montenegro is to order an inexpensive transfer in advance. You will meet at the airport with a sign (even if the flight is delayed), will help with things and take it right to the hotel. The bus goes to a destination of minutes, but if he appears also in Kotor, then the road will leave 1.5 hours. You can buy a ticket at the driver when landing, its value ranges from 2 to 5 euros. Flights on this route are quite a lot, the transport starts to move early in the morning (in the region of 5 h) and finishes work about 22 hours.

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There are many runs, so bus goes from about 5 am till 10 pm. If you don’t want to stay at the road, you can get to the bus station on foot, it is situated in few minutes. To do this you should get to highway and turn to Tivat and walk direct about 100 m.

On cars

On average, the fare in Montenegro is cents / km and the landing is € 1.2-2, that is, even a trip to Bar will cost you no more than 60 euros. For local drivers it will be about 2 times more expensive. Therefore, either order a taxi service in Tivat, or bargain on the spot. Getting a taxi upon your arrival at airports taxi budva tivat is the best and most convenient way to travel to your hotel or any other destination. A high number of of passengers arriving at the same time may make it difficult to get a taxi, Grab or Uber on spot. Some airports do not offer free WIFI service so booking a Grab or Uber service may not be possible.

Don’t worry, our Taxi company use flight radar app tracking system to plan for delays or cancelation. If this happens, no worry, your driver will change the pick-up time to suit, and wait for 45 minutes once your plane lands. If there are plans to travel in Montenegro, that is, it makes sense to rent a car. This will save on the shuttle and see the country, without tosing to excursions and to public transport. If you do not want to run on the last day of vacation and think about how not to be late to the airport and at the same time not to give the last money for the road – order a transfer from the hotel. Possible placement option roundtrip in advance, from home.

Only if you will be pleased, you can ask your Driver to turn on the car radio, to listen to music or a program at your leisure. Buy tickets online only if you can print them yourself. Map (route, distance and duration) may be different from the current state. All our chauffeurs are full-time professionals dedicated to top service and speak fluent English. Attractive design with comfortable and functional interior. A professional driver with knowledge of English will greet you at the desired location.

Booking transfer

By the way, if you decide to rent accommodation from the owners of guest houses or apartments, then some of them can also gladly provide you with a transfer, but, as a rule, for an additional fee. The choice of ways to get from Tivat airport to Budva and other coastal cities is small, but there is still something for every taste and budget. Book a hotel or apartment from our offer and get a Free Transfer from your accommodation to Split Airport.

The deposit for a car in Montenegro is quite low, if you do not book through global giants such as Hertz, and may not be available at all. The required driving experience is from 2 years, as in Montenegro it can be difficult to adapt to the local driving style. If the end point of your journey is not Budva, but the coastal village of Rafailovichi located near this city, then you need to get to this village in the same way as to Budva. Only in the case of traveling by bus, you will need to get to Budva, and then transfer to another bus. If you are planning to get from Podgorica airport to Rafailovici, it is still better to use a taxi, because when traveling by bus you will have to make two transfers, which is not very convenient. Of course, it is much more convenient to get to Tivat by taxi than by bus.

If you have little luggage and you are traveling alone or together, then the best option will be intercity bus… If you come with children or you have a lot of things with you, then it would be wiser to book a transfer in advance or contact local taxi drivers. A more comfortable way is a taxi from Tivat airport. You can either bargain with the locals at the exit (you can especially bring down the price if you speak Serbian with them), or pre-order a car through the Tivat taxi service.

Due to this, various force majeure circumstances are extremely rare. In this article we will try to consider the most popular ways to get to the resort from the airport, highlight their pros and cons, and calculate approximate prices. If you cannot find your departure or destination places, or would like to book a vehicle different from those displayed here, please just contact us filling-out the form provided on this page. Anyway, for every problem, you can always contact the How2Transfer office, active 24 hours a day, that will assist you. If you want to see the schedule of departures or arrivals from Tivat airport, we advise you to visit the official website of the Tivat airport. It contains all the relevant information about flights, their departure / arrival times, as well as delays and cancellations.

Taxi to the airport, with professional drivers, will take you on time and comfortably to your airport or your destination. The fare on the bus depends on the distance and can range from 2 euros to 10 euros. Also, for each piece of luggage, if any, you will still need to pay 1 euro extra already on the spot, to the driver.

Is it possible to order a reverse transfer from the villa to the airport?

Taxi Podgorica-Bar costs from 49 euros, Podgorica-Sutomore – 43 euros. A trip to Tivat by taxi will cost you from 20 euros (from 1500 rubles). If you plan to travel a lot around Montenegro on your own (for example, to see the sights), then it makes sense to rent a car right at the airport and get to the hotel with it. Upon arrival in Montenegro, you can take a taxi from Tivat airport to Budva and other resorts.

What Is The Distance From Tivat Airport To Budva?

Exceptional performance and a truly enjoyable experience. All the seats are comfortable, spacious, and cleverly designed. This makes taxi a cheap option for travelling when in small groups.. For travelling from Budva to Tivat by taxi, there will be either flat fare or metered fare.

Send us a request with all the details about your private intercity transfer from or to Budva, and we will respond with a custom-tailored offer with an all-inclusive price without any hidden costs. Once you ask for a quote, you will get an offer with an all-inclusive fixed price for all our available vehicles. Choose a taxi, black limo, or minivan according to your needs and budget. If you do not intend to use rental car and if you will need a taxi service, I recommend that you always use Terrae-Taxi while in Budva area. They have transparent and fair approach and you can always agree on price before you take a taxi. Booked transfers with car seat included to go from Burgas to Sunny Beach.

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