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They already have fixed prices; you can check them and compare them with other companies. The cheapest way from Tivat Airport to Budva is by bus for €3 and you can book online. You will have to walk outside the airport minutes until Tivat Bus Stop, check here to know the exact location. Better, of course, to leave early in the morning, then there are not too many cars.

The duration of the trip from Podgorica to Budva depends on the chosen type of transport. When traveling by taxi, the journey time will be approximately 55 minutes, and when traveling by bus, the journey time can be from 60 minutes (in the case of a non-stop express bus) to 130 minutes. In most cases, the bus is on the road for about minutes. Russian tour operators offer several Montenegrin airports for landing. Podgorica is considered not the most favorable place, since getting to the resort Budva is problematic.

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Everything You Need To Know About Budva.

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If you are traveling in Montenegro with a company of 3-4 people, then taking a shuttle is not profitable. It is easier to order passenger transport in KiwiTaxi. The cost will be the same, but you will ride only with your company, plus you won’t have to wait until the bus is full and set off.

If you arrived in Tivat, you can get to the selected hotel on the beaches of Budva by taxi or public transport… The second option is significantly cheaper and is not particularly difficult. You have to buy a ticket for one of the buses from Blueline or Gardasevic.

All our clients get 20% discount on return transfers and one day trips. Enjoy the ride with an experienced private driver who will be polite and helpful during your journey. Our offered price is without any hidden fees, and you are paying for the whole vehicle (not per person). Upon your plane lands, we are waiting for 1 hour free of charge.

Podgorica Airport Taxi

If you don’t have your own car, then you can rent it for such a mini-trip, look at the options here, for example. For the transfer from Budva to Tivat Airport (TIV) we offer a variety of vehicles, including regular taxi, luxury limo, van, minibus and bus, even if not displayed above. For those who like to plan everything in advance or for large families, we recommend ordering a transfer from Tivat Airport.

This is sometimes even more profitable than traveling with the whole family by bus and checking in luggage for an additional fee. Tivat International Airport, as mentioned above, is only 4 km from the city center, so if you have a small amount of luggage, you can go here on foot. In addition, you will have to go all the time in a straight line, so you definitely won’t get lost.

The price of the trip may depend on the specific taxi driver and the time of year – during the season (late spring, summer, early autumn) taxi services become more expensive. The most convenient way to get from the airport to the desired resort in Montenegro is to book an inexpensive transfer in advance. You will be met at the airport with taxi budva tivat a sign (even if the flight is delayed), help with your belongings and taken directly to the hotel. We tell you how to get from Tivat airport to Budva and other resorts in Montenegro by taxi, bus and transfer. Travel time, prices, advice on the choice of transport. Comfortable, direct and clear bus service between the airport and Budva no.

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Zuzalu: Shining City on the Black Mountain.

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The whole car is just for you and the people who are with you. We offer transportation service up to 8 passengers with professional driver with knowledge of English. Exclusive transportation to your destination with a professional driver with knowledge of English who will meet you with your name written on a sign. Some taxi companies can also offer larger vehicles for groups or travellers with oversized luggage.

Transfers from Tivat Airport to Budva hotel or any other address – price and vehicle options:

The road through Cetinje involves passing through the suburbs of the capital and further through the mountains. If you choose this path and the road passes through Sutomore, you will have to pay for travel through the Sozina toll tunnel, but you can also save money by driving around it. Taxi Podgorica-Budva costs from 38 euros, and Podgorica-Becici also 38 euros. This option is considered the cheapest and most economical, but not very convenient in practice.

Secondly, the price of the trip will be known even when booking a transfer and will not change. Thirdly, upon arrival at the Antalya airport, you will be met by a polite driver with a name plate, escorted to the car, helped with luggage and taken to the hotel. Its cost is approximately 1.5 thousand rubles per person. The bus is very comfortable, the waiting time is about 30 minutes.

The fastest way to get to Будва will be with a pre-booked taxi or minibus waiting to whisk you off on arrival. The day of your trip, your transport will be waiting for you for a simple, stress-free journey to your destination. I have used this company in France Spain and Italy. Always onetime always clean vehicles and the drivers are always polite and professional. This makes it even more budget-friendly for groups and families.

The only way to get off the bus is through an intricate sequence of actions. First you need to leave the airport, walk to the E80 highway, then turn left towards Tivat, walk 500 meters along the side of the road and find a conditional stop. When you see a bus, wave your hand to stop it, otherwise it will pass by. If to Budva via Kotor, the trip will last for 1.5 hours (and in a straight line – 40 minutes). Let us take care of your transportation to Budva for you so that you can relax and enjoy your traveling in Montenegro. We offer competitive prices and a high level of customer service.

How much is a taxi from Tivat airport and where to find it?

So, save time, avoid problems and book your taxi from Budva in advance. When travelling by taxi, the distance from Budva to Tivat can vary greatly depending on the route chosen . Often taxi drivers are locals who know backstreets and shortcuts that can put Google Maps to shame.


Book a transfer and Exploro Travel will give you 20 coupons with discounts from 10 to 20% in various souvenir shops, cafe bars, restaurants, rent a bike, rent a scooter,… By using our services you get gift vouchers and special discounts on various services provided by our partners. The prices are informative and may differ from the actual prices.

Make your holiday or a business trip in Montenegro easy and stress-free by hiring a professional local private driver from Tivat with a modern and comfy car. As a frequent traveler in ex-Yugoslavian countries, I have become their regular client. Balkan Drivers are very reliable and always on time. Scheduling a taxi transfer is a straightforward process.

The bus schedule isn’t stable because there are many transporters in the country and they can change their paths and time of departure. The last stop in Budva is local bus station, which is situated in the central part of resort and indicated as «Autobuska Stanica». If using services or, you specify in the column Where toin addition to the city (resort) also villa or hotelwhere you intend to live, a taxi will deliver you right at the desired address. Between the cities of MontenegroSo you can always count on a comfortable trip with an experienced and sociable driver. You can book them ahead so that you have no problems when you arrive in the country.

How much does it cost to get from Budva to Tivat by Taxi?

Let us worry of transportation, you choose the right place and time, and we will be there to welcome you. Pre-computed, or flat fare can be more expensive but unlike buses and trains you do not need to buy a ticket for each passenger. If you are a group of 4 or less, you can take just one car – the fare is calculated on ‘per car’, not ‘per passenger’ bases. In the summer tourist season, it is not easy to get a taxi in Budva, due to the large number of visitors to the tourism capital.

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