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You can book them ahead so that you have no problems when you arrive in the country. They already have fixed prices; you can check them and compare them with other companies. Better than a taxi, cheaper than a limousine service, you will find a warm and welcome environment in our cars, high class service for very low rates. All of our vehicles are driven by well-trained professional chauffeurs.

Some went the second way and, as it turned out, in our opinion, they did the right thing. Let’s start with the fact that the price of gasoline in Montenegro, in fact, as in all of Europe, is quite high. For one liter of the simplest, and this is gasoline with an octane rating of at least 95, you will have to pay about 1.1 euros, which is approximately equal to 40 rubles. Their offer consists of varied transfers options including Go Montenegro’s low-cost door to door transfers to/from airports, VIP transfers, customised transfers designe… You have to understand that a taxi and a transfer are slightly different services.

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Montenegro to elect president in tight race after year of deadlock.

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It turns out significantly cheaper than a transfer. Usually there is a chance to get a ride for normal price even with a “individual driver” if you make a good bargaining before that. It is also important to take into account that the limitation on the cost per kilometer applies only to taxi companies.

A couple of years ago, it was introduced for 2 euros, but it was little used, removed … Therefore, you only have the option of ordering a taxi or a transfer. We have the best prices for taxi transfers from the airport, which do not change during the tourist season when the demand for passenger transport services has increased. Our services are used by clients and tourists who keep coming back to us, as well as many companies, and we have a contract with some of them for more than ten years.

Airport Transfer Service Go Montenegro Taxi Podgorica

That is why it’s wise to keep your documents in your carry-on bag. Most people feel stressed when they have to get ready for a trip in a hurry. They all start thinking about things that can be useful during a business trip or vacation. Save this advisory, and it will help you to stay calm and remember the most important things. The driver will meet you at the airport of Tivat or Podgorica with a plate, bearing your name.

He will help carry bags and suitcases to the car. Then he will take you directly to the door of your hotel or apartment. If you live in an apartment and don’t have a local number or DrimSim, you can ask the driver to call the landlady.

I remember calling the people and the police, and starting fights with them – to no avail! For example, for a short distance of a couple of kilometers “Budva – Becici”, their counter wound up 30 euros instead of 3, and from Budva to Kotor euros (20 should be). Therefore, if you catch a taxi on the street, pay attention that the car is glued on all sides with a telephone and an advertisement for a taxi service. And it gets even bigger because Montenegro is sunny mediterranean country and the temperature on the thermometer rarely drops below 25 degrees for 8-10 months a year. Therefore, turning on the air conditioner is necessary for a comfortable ride, which as a result also increases gas mileage.

The price includes one hour of free waiting time after landing, and in the case of a flight delay, our drivers will wait for free; they track arrival time your flight. You can make your booking online and avoid any unpleasant surprises when you arrive. You will not have to bargain with a driver or explain how to get to your hotel. The driver has all the information about your journey so you do not have to explain anything to them.

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In order to take an inter-city bus going to Budva or Kolasin, you will have to take a walk from the terminal to the highway with your suitcase, and there you will need to hail a bus (200m). If you are planning to get from the airport to Tivat center, you will also have to walk along the highway or go to Tivat bus station (800 м, around 15 minute walk). Transfer from Tivat Airport stops near the arrivals terminal. Our driver will help you with your luggage and walk to the car. Reservations on the MTO Airport-Taxi website can be made very easily and in advance.

We work all year round, and the service is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During the tourist season, our website is visited by a large number of tourists, so the need for our services is growing every day and more diverse. Each vehicle category is clearly and visibly defined by basic data as well as the model and type of vehicle with the image. Clients can schedule a transfer from the Airport for a larger number of passengers or for a larger number of vehicles in one reservation. They can also schedule return transfers in advance. In recent years, the number of new low-cost airlines across Europe has been on the rise.

Podgorica has a lot of taxi companies that can bring you from one quarter to the next for a very small fee. Taxi rides are cheap in Montenegro’s capital city. The best taxi company in Tivat is also ‘Red Taxi’. They are reliable and honest and not too expensive. Sany Taxi is an honest taxi operator that has been in business since 2007 and currently has a fleet of about 20 cars, including a new 8-seater Mercedes van. They follow a straightforward pricing philosophy – a kilometer costs 1€.

Normal taxi service, you can write or call via Viber. We have a variety of vehicles and a diverse modern fleet adapted to the needs of modern tourists who have very different and specific requirements. Apart from Tesla Taxi, Red Taxi is in all likelihood the best overall taxi service in Podgorica. Their prices are competitive, their cars are well-maintained and clean. To save money, they also offer budget airport and intercity transfers.

Consequently, there is an increased number of passengers who travel and use our taxi services or have similar needs for this type of private transport between cities. Thus, we have expanded our offer and have the most competitive prices, and we perform airport taxi transfers with fixed prices that are prominent and visible. The Tivat bus station was built in a strange place – neither in the city center nor near the airport. It looks like a glass building, in front is a Franz supermarket (if you wait a long time for a bus, buy groceries). And the Tivat bus station itself is located on the back side of the “glass” P.S. The fact that they will convince you that they work on a meter does not mean that it is cheap.

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So order taxi a in advance and know the exact price of the trip, regardless of traffic jams. (For example, a Taxi from Tivat airport to Budva will cost only 25 euros). As soon as you find out that your flight is delayed, please inform your driver by calling the phone number sent to you before, Kiwitaxi support manager via email
or in online chat. If you choose standard types of vehicles (Micro, Economy, Comfort, Minivan 4 pax, Minibus 7 pax), transfer must be booked not less than 16 hours before its beginning.

The company Terrae-car is located in the coastal town of Budva in Montenegro. Started as small family business with idea to offer something different they grown up as the most green company in Montenegro. Terrae car is rent-a-car and taxi company that strives to provide the highest quality and best service for their costumers. Offering the newest models of cars to rent, they are trying to give …

The airports are tiny and there is only one designated area with parked taxis. Note however that these taxi prices are higher than if you had scheduled a taxi ride upfront with a local taxi service. Montenegro is often chosen for family holidays with children as it is very calm and safe. Therefore, it’s better to think about transport for little travelers in advance. Everyone who has been in the country knows what taxi in Montenegro is like. Unfortunately, there is no state regulation for taxi services in the country.

Our drivers are friendly local English speakers, handpicked and trained by us. Red Taxi is a company from Kotor which provides services of taxi rides in both Kotor and Tivat Municipality. This company stands out among the competition with comfort, safety, accuracy, as well as maximum courtesy and professionalism. They dispose of a new, comfortable, and reliable Corolla by an excellent Japanese producer famous for its safe and strong cars – Toyota.

Logistics in the modern world is a stubborn thing and it is often more convenient and profitable for vacationers to get to the country through the airports of neighboring countries. For example, you can fly to Croatian Dubrovnik (airport “Chilipi”) or Serbian Belgrade (airport “Nikola Tesla”) and from there get to the hospitable republic. In these cases, you additionally need to take care of the visa, its necessity, depending on which state you are a citizen of. Even if the owners of the hotel or apartment offer you their own transfer, you should still check the adequacy of their price on our portal. The transfer is carried out also between the cities of Montenegro, so you can always count on a comfortable journey with an experienced and sociable driver. The prices on our website are highlighted and expressed in euros.

Taxi in Montenegro between cities

Top quality service, optimal price and simple on line reservation are just few reasons why choose our taxi services. Don’t wait and book safe and comfortable transfer now. All you need to do is choose vehicle depending on number of persons and book your optimal taxi from/to Budva (Montenegro). Local taxi drivers are no different from all taxi drivers in all countries in their desire to earn as much as possible from tourists who are not familiar with local rates and everything else. As a rule, they are wealthy and came to rest and not to strain themselves by calculating kilometers and time on the road. After all, the mood that this creates beautiful country and the euphoria from the state of rest is not conducive to constant control over this situation.

Read more about the documents for a rented car, about the roads and traffic rules in Montenegro in this. I also want to warn you about, which will save you from unnecessary expenses in Montenegrin hospitals, and poisoning, injuries, colds, etc. can happen on vacation. We’ve been travelling to Montenegro since 2013.

Taxi Montenegro – Taxis from Podgorica and Tivat airport

Book a taxi in advance in Montenegro and make sure to enjoy lucrative rates, safe travel with a professional driver and any help along the way. They also have a 16-seater minibus at a rate of 100€ per trip. You just need to register and download the Tesla Go App from Google Play or the App Store. With a few clicks and swipes, you can order a taxi.

How to get to Taxi Montenegro in Podgorica by Bus?

In addition, it is customary to give “for tea” here, and this also amounts to approximately 5-10% of the declared amount. Their friendly and reliable staff provide clients with an excellent local service as well as a round trip service to all tourist destinations in the Kotor Bay region at the most af… The taxi company’s website lists the exact price per kilometer.

If you experience a bad taxi ride, you can report your driver by filing a complaint with the taxi company you travelled with. You can also do so with the local police by calling 122. Everything is as simple as possible after that. You left the airport, the driver is already waiting.

And if you also make a 100% prepayment, then there will be no problems with the change. There is only one minus of the transfer – it must be ordered taxi montenegro in advance. Taxis are better only for trips very close to the airport. From Tivat airport to Tivat or from Podgorica airport to the city.

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