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Courteous uniformed taxi drivers will welcome you, provide a personal and professional service and ensure you arrive promptly and safely to your destination. Their computer dispatch system matches the closest available taxi with your current location ensuring the fastest response time possible. Go Montenegro is a professional airport transfer company that also offers limo and chauffeur services. A standard ride from the airport in Podgorica to the center of the city will cost 12€. You can also upgrade to business class or minivan – 25€ and 30€. If the destination is close to the airport, a local taxi service may be cheaper than the transfer.

Look out for a license plate starting with either ‘PG’ -should you arrive at the airport in Podgorica -or ‘TV’ arriving at the Tivat airport. Price List
Prices are charged per kilometre
 – 1km – 0.80cents (inter-local service)
 – 1km- 1.00 € (local service)
- 9€ for each hour waiting time. Price list for VIP service with Mercedes E available on request.

Taxi drivers in Montenegro do not have the best reputation. Let’s find out if that is a one-sided view or if there is weight behind this stereotype. If you are interested in becoming a local travel partner for your territory and would like to find out more then click for more info about our Website Business Opportunity. We are now in 120+ Destinations and Growing. If you are interested in becoming a local travel partner and would like to find out more then click for more info about our Website Business Opportunity. Their fleet consists of comfortable saloons ( Renault Fluence), 6 and 7 seater M.P.V.s ( Mercedes Viano)  and a VIP class saloon (Mercedes Executive class).

Podgorica Airport unveils future plans – EX-YU Aviation News

Podgorica Airport unveils future plans.

Posted: Sat, 30 Jun 2018 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Their meters are always on and their English is almost fluent. All in all, this is the best transfer service in Budva and the only one with a new Mercedes S class. If you are looking to travel in a stately fashion, give them a try. Sany Taxi is an honest taxi operator that has been in business since 2007 and currently has a fleet of about 20 cars, including a new 8-seater Mercedes van. They follow a straightforward pricing philosophy – a kilometer costs 1€. Montenegro taxis are only allowed to operate in the municipality where their companies are registered.

The transfer driver, however, will meet you at the arrivals hall exit, walk you to the parking lot, and will bring you to your hotel. All companies that sell transfers promise English-speaking drivers. In practice, some are almost fluent, most are average, but all are able to communicate in basic English. The main disadvantage of the transfer is that it must be booked in advance. At least one day before arrival at the airport, and preferably at least 2-3 days before. It is not possible to book a transfer a few hours before arrival.

One of the best websites that offer transfer services. They have very good prices for the most popular transfers from Tivat or Podgorica airports. I do not want you to fall for the bait of local taxi drivers near airports. Therefore, I decided to spend a dozen hours and tell you what and how it works here. I found out Red Taxi thanks to Tripadvisor and has been a positive experience for me and my family.

Buses do not stop at Tivat Airport on their route, and the bus stops are not marked by timetables or signs. Potential passengers need to find the right place and give a driver a sign with a hand to show he/she wants the bus to stop. One of the major problems in Tivat Airport is that the buses do not stop near the terminal. The nearest stop is located on the highway (circa 200m from the terminal), and the majority of buses run from Tivat bus station (800m from the airport). You will have to cover this distance on foot with your heavy luggage.

What if the apartment does not have an exact address?

Before your trip, we’ll email you pick-up instructions and contact
details for your
driver. Keep your phone to hand, as the driver will also be able to get
in touch with
you. Most trips go ahead without issue, but our help centre team is
available 24-7 if
you need us.

It’s hard to tell the difference at first sight between who is legit and who is not. More or less equivalent is the route from Tivat airport to Kotor. There is a chance to catch a taxi for the price of a transfer or even 1 € ≈ 1.05 $, 0.86 £, 3.86 Dh, 18.24 ₺ cheaper. Truth be told, I overpaid 3 € ≈ 3.15 $, 2.58 £, 11.58 Dh, 54.72 ₺ the second time. But even if you call a normal taxi, it’s not a fact that you will leave on it. “Individual drivers” from afar see the waiting tourists and drive up to them.

Useful Phone Numbers in Montenegro

That’s why, at Welcome Pickups, we have an extensive fleet of taxis at Tivat Airport that can be pre-booked before your flight. Our modern sedans can transport up to 4 passengers in style, while our large and spacious minivans can carry up to 8 passengers in comfort. If you decided not to buy a sim card, but to connect to a free Wi-Fi at Tivat Airport instead, keep in mind that its speed leaves much to be desired (128 kB/s). You will have to reserve a car in a constantly buffering online chat.

That is, they do not change almost every day, like the cost of housing, tours or car rental. But there are small adjustments several times a year. Due to the volume of work, you will receive a short reply as to whether the reservation has been accepted. There is no charge for canceling the reservation, payment is upon completion of the transfer by cash. Prices remain the same for nearby neighborhoods in prominent cities.

Although there aren’t any official Tivat Airport taxi companies, the airport has a ‘recommended fare’ poster posted, showing taxi rates to popular destinations. The rate indicated for a taxi from Tivat Airport to the city centre is €10. There’s no official contract between the airport and a local taxi company. This means that the level of service you will receive from a local Tivat Airport taxi company can vary greatly. If you’d prefer the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will receive a 5-star service every time for your transfer from Tivat Airport, you can pre-book with Welcome Pickups. We offer competitive set rates, 24/7 customer support, English-speaking drivers and guaranteed on-time pickups, every time.

New Herceg Novi to Tivat Speedboat Service Begins – Total Montenegro News

New Herceg Novi to Tivat Speedboat Service Begins.

Posted: Sat, 06 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Usually there is a chance to get a ride for normal price even with a “individual driver” if you make a good bargaining before that. The car can be ordered by phone or via messengers. The Internet at Montenegrin airports seems to be there, but I have never seen it work in the summer. Our driver was great , gave us lots of info on our way back to the airport , helpful, friendly and professional service. Better than a taxi, cheaper than a limousine service, you will find a warm and welcome environment in our cars, high class service for very low rates. All of our vehicles are driven by well-trained professional chauffeurs.

How much does a transfer and taxi cost in Montenegro

In case of a transfer, there is no need to contact the driver as he/she is already waiting for you with a sign by the airport exit. What is showed by the website, that amount you pay. It depends on which city you are going to. But it does not depend on a specific address. A trip to the east, center or west of Herceg Novi will cost the same. Cities in Montenegro are tiny, and therefore it’s one price.

Taxi Travel in Montenegro

Taxi from Podgorica airport to Tivat town located in the central part of Boka bay, in the last years become very popular tourist request. There are many reasons which contributed to drastically increase the number of tourists in this resort, and made online transportation from airport Podgorica to Tivat so frequent. We are available non-stop, any part of the day or year, to provide you with at the first place safe, and pleasant transfer. Everything is as simple as possible after that.


We’ve introduced a metric indicating how safe travellers feel when using our services during the COVID-19 pandemic. After every ride, we ask each traveller to leave a review. They also specialize in excursions to the interior regions of Montenegro and neighboring countries. They are reliable and have a good price for what they provide. What is great about Sany Taxi is their fast-response customer service via What’s App.

Meet-up instructions are given in the voucher confirming your booking. If a pick-up place is a hotel, the driver will wait for you in the hotel lobby. If a pick-up place is an airport, the driver will meet you at the exit of arrivals area of the airport after you passed passport control and claimed baggage.

Therefore, this website has a lot of information from travelers who know what they are writing about. In reality, drivers are at the airport about half an hour before your arrival. Purely theoretically, you can also call a regular taxi instead of a transfer to the airport.

You left the airport, the driver is already waiting. He will help carry bags and suitcases to the car. Then he will take you directly to the door of your hotel or apartment. If you live in an apartment and don’t have a local number or DrimSim, you can ask the driver to call the landlady. On the other hand, transfer prices are fixed. You can only book when you are already 100% sure that you are flying to your destination.

Specify the place of departure in the “From” field, and your destination – in the “To” field. You can choose the desired city, airport, train station, port, and hotel from the drop-down menu or enter the exact address of the place. A driver will be assigned to you approximately one day before departure. You’ll get his phone number via SMS or email (depending on where you booked the transfer).

The map showed that it was 24 km to go, but the taximeter counted more than 27. There are many websites where you can order a transfer in Montenegro. All of them are relatively the same and differ only in prices and available cars.

With this regular route, Belgrade – Tivat – Belgrade, all flights are covered during the winter and the summer. Prices for this type of transfers taxi tivat viber are very affordable and are fixed for all parts of Herceg Novi Riviera. Children up to the age of 5 enjoy transfers free of charge.

Your transportation from Podgorica airport to Tivat and Porto Montenegro using our company will be new and unforgettable experience of transfer service. Over the years, the our most regular route, transfers from Herceg Novi to the Tivat Airport and the return trip, has also become the most developed. Our company performs daily group transfers of clients for flights from and to Belgrade. Group transfer includes pickup of passenger at their home address and their drop off at the Tivat airport and vice verse.

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