What to Know Before Coming to Podgorica

An email containing important information(incl. links) has been sent. Please check you junk/spam folder in case you have not received it. In this text you can find some basic information about the capital of Montenegro. Learn about culture and history, and also find out some geographic and demographic information. For those who are coming by car, check how and where you can be informed about road conditions or get a help. They also have a 16-seater minibus at a rate of 100€ per trip.

All of our vehicles are driven by well-trained professional chauffeurs. They will transport you in a fleet that offers the ultimate comfort, courtesy, reliability and punctuality. Ukraine has a well developed transportation system, so all parts of the country are accessible by train or bus. The fare over a 500 km distance is approximately US$12-15.

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The Docket: Real estate lawsuit roundup for 4.27.23.

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Pen, pencils other products are also  reasonably priced. For air travel within the country you can buy tickets from the local companies. Flights over a 500 km distance approximately cost US$60.

This mode of journey must be scheduled at least one day in advance, with precise number of persons. If you are interesting to travel by shuttle bus from airport Podgorica to Ulcinj, unfortunately that is not possible. Except taxi, there is no other mode of transportation directly from the airport. Ride by bus from Podgorica to Ulcinj you can have only from Podgorica central bus terminal. This mode of traveling is not very popular, and for three or four passengers even not economic. From airport Podgorica to Ulcinj taxi ride sometimes can be cheaper than bus transport.

This taxi association in Montenegro is professional and accountable organization, backed by years of experience in the field of passenger transport. You only need to contact us, and we will responsibly arrange your cheap taxi from Podgorica city to the airport, or to other destination in Montenegro or abroad. All scheduled transfers in Montenegro are private, you will not share the vehicle with other tourists. If you are for the first time here and you want to meet the city, we can organize and beautiful taxi ride in Podgorica, largest city in Montenegro. Inform us about the number of persons, pick up details and we will organize transportation at the highest level.

Local Info

Their meters are always on and their English is almost fluent. Podgorica has a lot of taxi companies that can bring you from one quarter to the next for a very small fee. Should you need an airport or intercity transfer from Kotor, ‘Boka Travel’ is probably the best company to do the job.

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In Kyiv, Kharkiv or Dnipropetrovsk you can take the subway, paying at the entrance a US$0.12 ticket regardless of destination or time taken. During the warm seasons water transport is available on the Dnieper river or by the Black Sea. We are a registered business in Maldives with 17 years of experience in Smartphone & Electronics business. Walking or biking is really easy in Podgorica as it is compact and quite flat in the centre. Streets have footpaths, drivers generally stop for pedestrians, and there are also plentiful bike lanes. The Morača river is also crossed by several pedestrian bridges.

Royal Taxi

Please note that the Car Hire Daily Rates start at the pickup time and finish 24 hours later. In case that the car is returned exceeding the 24 hour bracket, on the last day, there will be a charge for an additional day. Please note that in case of shared transfers, you will be refunded directly in your credit card account after the conclusion of the conference. With regard to your departure, your pick-up time back to the airport will be on the departure card given to you at the Registration Desk. There is a law in Montenegro by which you are not obliged to pay for any service or product for which you have not received a fiscal receipt.

Please pay attention because small private apartments are very often not marked and they are not posted on maps and navigation. Traveling from Podgorica airport to Ulcinj using our transportation service, driver who will pick you up on return will know where to meet you. If you are traveling to Montenegro and you require taxi from Podgorica airport to Ulcinj, transportation problem is solved. Instead of negotiating with an expensive official provider at the airport, book ahead of time the best local company for long-distance rides. Taxi airport Podgorica Ulcinj at the price of 80 Euros with 5 Euros tunnel toll included in the price is the best offer for higher class vehicles.


Our service is pre-paid or post-paid direct to the driver in cash, which means you book and pay for your Taxi online before and after your trip. Payment is secure, and we accept most credit cards and debit cards, as well as PayPal. That’s really hard to beat the cost of living in Ukraine for international students. Make sure you have their phone number as your driver will probably need to call them in order to find your building entrance. (Google gets confused with numbers in Podgorica and labels some areas totally incorrectly.) A pickup should cost between 8 – 12 euro. Inside the vehicle of each registered taxi driver in Montenegro, there must be a clear price for both “start” and “per kilometer”.

Montenegro Taxi Tips for Beginners

Even if it is your first-time visit to Montenegro, you should not get overwhelmed. The airports are tiny and there is only one designated area with parked taxis. Note however that these taxi prices are higher than if you had scheduled a taxi ride upfront with a local taxi service. Below you can check price on some products, services, events and understand the real cost of living in Ukraine for international students. Cost of living in Ukraine for international students differs widely depending on the location and the city.

Online Booking

Simply fill out an online form with the required information, or send an email to the address you see on the site. For those who want direct contact with the operator, our phone number is available 24 hours. Taxi transfer from airport Podgorica to Ulcinj can be scheduled using WhatsApp or Viber application on the same number. You will recognize him very easily, a person with your name and surname next to your exit door. This is the best variant that leaves no place for mistake.

Many travelers have a need for a transfer from Podgorica to some of neighboring Montenegrin countries. Public journeys by bus and train are very limited, and by plain you can fly only to Belgrade – Serbia. If you want to explore more pg taxi viber Balkan destinations, or need a business ride see here how to travel from Podgorica to foreign countries. They do not have the most recent car models but they make it up with good customer service and good business practices.

So, take a few minutes, browse the internet, look what is offered and at what price. Each of our taxi drivers from Podgorica is qualified to provide you with some basic information about the places you passing through. But if you want to explore Montenegro a bit more, then visit website My Guide Montenegro. Local information about attractive spots in Montenegro can be found here, provided by the first-hand experience written by their professional team. Among the many others, this is the one of very often questions which our representatives have to explain. But after a couple of days spent in the capital, it’s generally concluded that they do not need such a service.

Simply mention your name and provide them with your driving license. Please note that our staff will be available at the Conference Registration Desk throughout the conference days for any requirements that our participants may have. During the conference every participant will be provided with a printed conference handbook which will feature the daily program analytically.

We track the arrival flights, giving you peace of mind that our driver will be waiting for you with the name-sign at the right time. Here you can deposit your money both in foreign currency and Ukrainian hryvnia. The leading banks are situated in many regions of the country. It is easy to receive and send money through the Western Union.

Rides to Abroad

During booking process you don’t need to pay any reservation fee. You will schedule a ride and travel from Podgorica to Ulcinj with payment on arrival to your accommodation. Taxi in Podgorica you may also use to travel from other locations towards Montenegrin capital. Our chauffeur will wait for you at the airport exit, reception desk or other scheduled meeting point. He will provide you with an excellent transport through Montenegro or to any resort in neighboring countries. Dispatch center of our transfer service in Podgorica is staffed 24 hours a day.

Let’s find out if that is a one-sided view or if there is weight behind this stereotype. The students are given a concession of 50% from the normal price of Ticket in Trains, Buses etc. For International students, there are many options which they case choose e.g. We have various https://taxi-travel.me/ types of Hostels like well renovated or semi-renovated, it is up to student choice where they want to live. Of course there are variations in price also according to Renovation condition. Rather than Hostel, students can choose to live in Apartment, which is higher in price.

We present “Taxi Podgorica Montenegro” cheap transfer service where you will always get a favor more. New, comfortable and always clean cabs at your disposal non-stop for airport pick-ups and long-distance journeys. Most courteous and fully licensed drivers guarantee a comfortable and safe taxi rides from/to Podgorica. Professional tours without reservation tax and any payment before you arrive at your destination. Business or family trip, resort transfer, excursion, minivan and minibus shuttle, you can fully count on our support. A very easy way to book a transfer allows you several options.

Such a car should be branded and have a taxi number printed on the car from multiple sides. Not all taxis are white however, there is no strict color scheme. Payment for purchasing and services is done in hryvnias.

Generally, larger cities such as Kiev and Odessa have much higher cost of living in Ukraine for international students than small cities, such as Sumy or Kharkiv. However, there’s a almost low cost of living in Ukraine, especially if you replicate a Western salary while living here. If you have to arrange the pickup yourself, Taxi PG is reliable and drivers speak some English. If you are traveling with big groups or prefer more comfort and luxury, it would be better to arrange the ride with a specialized airport transfer company.

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