How to get from Podgorica to Budva How to get from airport tivat, podgorica to budva and resorts of montenegro how to get from budva to podgorica

Transfers, commercial shuttles, electric trains are also available to tourists. Another option of reaching the centre of Podgorica from the airport or the other way around is to pre-book a private transfer. Private transfers are also available to any other destination in the vicinity. If you have booked a transfer, a driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals terminal.

PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport construction update – EX-YU Aviation News

PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport construction update.

Posted: Tue, 18 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The Aerodrom stop is essentially on the outskirts of the village, there is no ticket office. And again direct bus from Podgorica airport to resorts no. The car will help you save on transfers and see the country without being tied to transport and excursions. The road from the capital of Montenegro to the main resort town this country passes through beautiful places and is quite winding, although not as winding as the road along the coast of the Bay of Kotor. At TaxiMatcher, you can also book transport to Podgorica Airport / Podgorica Golubovci Airbase from a theatre, museum, concert or other tourist departure point.

Taxi Podgorica – Budva

Toll roads, parking and any other fees are included in the transfer price. Taxi in Podgorica exercising public transport, professionally and responsibly. Drivers with years of experience and luxurious fleet, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable transportation in Montenegro. Taxi Podgorica team know very well that without a fair and correct relations there is no real business, so we appreciate all your suggestions and remarks about the service which we are providing. If you need to have a taxi in Podgorica available for several hours or days, you can send us your requirement. According to your wish, vehicle can be without labels and taxi panel on the roof of the car.

Wizz Air blames inflation and fuel prices for Sarajevo exit – EX-YU Aviation News

Wizz Air blames inflation and fuel prices for Sarajevo exit.

Posted: Sun, 23 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

In 2006, the airport was renamed to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor and scientist, generally considered one of the world’s most famous inventors.[13] The construction of the new air traffic control centre was completed in 2010. In 2011 Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport shares (AERO) began trading on the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX). The airport is located on its current location since 1961, near the small town of Golubovci, and still has TGD code, because in the past Podgorica was called Titograd. VIP transfer from Podgorica airport Montenegro must be scheduled in advance, especially during the summer tourist season.

In the self-service portal you can find the latest status and information of your booking. When information changes, for instance when the local transfer company and the driver are assigned, you will find this information immediately there. You can log in to the self-service portal using the booking reference and your last name. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport offers a single business class lounge, Business Club, for all airlines operating from the airport. “Business Club”, opened in 2011, covers an area of 250 m2 (2,700 sq ft), and can seat 30 guests. With a change in government and international sentiment, normal air traffic resumed in 2001.

On some sites, you can pay part of the payment and pay the rest directly to the driver when you arrive at your destination. You can independently search for services where you can order a transfer from the airport, but it will be the quest. The closest hotel to the airport is Hotel Aria, located 1.6 taxi aerodrom podgorica km from Podgorica Airport. The busiest routes from Podgorica airport are to Belgrade, Istanbul and Vienna. Podgorica Airport is connected with major European cities with international flights. In Montenegro there are no domestic flights because the only other airport in Tivat is just 80 km away.

Affordable Transfer from Podgorica Airport

The best way from Podgorica airport to downtown is by taxi or private transfer great idea if you are traveling with more people or with a lot of luggage. The distance from Podgorica Airport to Bar is 44 km and takes about 45 minutes. The road runs completely on the flat part and does not cause problems for people who are prone to motion sickness. After passing through the tunnel you will drive to the town of Sutomore on the coast. If you wish, you can drive from Virpazar by the old road, but this path is more difficult and involves climbing uphill and serpentines. Taxi Podgorica-Bar costs from 49 euros, Podgorica-Sutomore – 43 euros.

To protect your privacy, we require just your name and email. Answer to your email you will get as soon as possible, with all details (fixed price, ride duration, type of vehicle etc). You can also book your taxi from Podgorica airport by phone call or SMS (English language available 24/7). Schedule your transportation in Podgorica, Montenegro and you will always get a professional taxi driver, comfortable vehicle and low price of taxi service. Planning to go on holiday by plane, or perhaps on family visit or for another reason abroad? Then you probably need to go to the airport to catch your flight.

You can get to other resorts in Montenegro according to the same principle as to the places listed above. See the schedule of trains, buses, compare with taxi prices and make your routes. In Podgorica, you need to walk from the railway station to the bus station (they are nearby) and buy a bus ticket to Budva ( 5€
). The railway station “Aerodrom” is located 1.3 km from the airport.

Podgorica is a modern city, mostly built after World War II. Business people which are coming to Montenegro are usually the most connected with Podgorica. All state institutions are located here, and a lot of people has a request for a taxi in Podgorica. We are performing rides from Podgorica successfully for many years, to the mutual satisfaction of us, and our clients. The official language spoken in Podgorica is Montenegrin, a variant of Serbo-Croatian.

Popular routes from Podgorica airport (TGD)

Petty theft and certain scams do exist, but no different to any other major city. Practice safe street smarts when out exploring and keep your valuables close when in crowded areas. Don’t wander into unlit areas at night, stick to the crowded streets, and take a taxi from your destination back to your hotel to stay safe. Taxis are the best option to get around Podgorica, they are cheap, reliable and found in abundance throughout the city. There are taxi stands found virtually everywhere, a basic fare is 0.40€ per 0.62 miles, no journey within the city should cost you more than €3-4.

Podgorica, from Podgorica Airport to Podgorica Bus Station

In the end they paid 40€
and a hundred times regretted not having booked the transfer online in advance. If you are going by taxi to Budva will take 1 hour and 15 minutes and the taxi fare is €55. If you are going to Ulcinj 1 hour and 20 minutes and the taxi fare is €65. We offer easy, great value airport and hotel transfers across the whole of Montenegro. Our taxi driver will drop you off wherever you want to go. Shared transport options will be more budget friendly as you will be sharing the travel with other passengers.

Taxi from Podgorica airport to Tivat

You can read above how to get from Podgorica to Budva and from Budva to Becici. I can safely recommend it as optimal in terms of price, quality and reliability. Moovit helps you find the best way to get to Pg taxi with step-by-step directions from the nearest public transit station. The cost of transport will depend on which point you are going to. Therefore, if you have the right and desire to drive a car, then feel free to rent a car for the period you need. Montenegro is small enough that you can return the car in any city.

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