Taxi from Tivat to Sveti Stefan from EUR 81 Jul 2023

You will be greeted with a sign, the text of which you can order yourself. The driver meets you with a sign at the airport
At the right time, the driver will be waiting for you on the spot. He will take you to the car, help with the luggage and take you to the hotel. After you have enjoyed your trip and ready to go home round your trip off with a taxi transfer to Tivat Airport.

We offer private transportation service from Tivat at competitive and affordable rates. Book online in minutes and save up to 40% compared to a metered taxi fare. From the moment your plane touches down at Tivat Airport tivat taxi (TIV), your driver will be waiting for you, holding a sign with your name printed on it. After a friendly greeting, your personal driver will then help you carry your luggage to your pre-selected vehicle.

Depending on the distance to the needed city, the price of transfers from Tivat will change. For example, a transfer for 4 people to Budva will cost euros, to Bar — euros. For those who like to plan everything in advance or for large families, we recommend ordering a transfer from Tivat Airport. This is sometimes even more profitable than traveling with the whole family by bus and checking in luggage for an additional fee.

Give Montenegro a go! Medieval towns and glitzy marinas – this Balkan beauty is a rising star – Daily Mail

Give Montenegro a go! Medieval towns and glitzy marinas – this Balkan beauty is a rising star.

Posted: Thu, 11 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Are you looking for low-cost taxi transfers from Tivat Airport? We offer private shuttle transfer from Tivat to Podgorica Airport. All our transfers in Tivat, from Tivat or to Podgorica Airport, are private and shared only with your family, friends or colleagues, without any passenger that you don’t know.

Airport Pickup

Booking a car in advance will help you save money at least one and a half times. When travelling by taxi, the distance from Tivat to Sveti Stefan can vary greatly depending on the route chosen . Often taxi drivers are locals who know backstreets and shortcuts that can put Google Maps to shame.

This method is quite profitable if you are traveling alone or as a couple. In addition, from the main bus station in Tivat you can get fast anywhere in Montenegro. All private transfers will make no stops and take you directly to your accommodation. Tivat Airport (TIV) is an international airport serving the city of Tivat and the surrounding areas.

Better than a taxi, cheaper than a limousine service, you will find a warm and welcome environment in our cars, high class service for very low rates. All of our vehicles are driven by well-trained professional chauffeurs. They will transport you in a fleet that offers the ultimate comfort, courtesy, reliability and punctuality. We recommend to book a transfer to those who are in a hurry, who have a lot of baggage, travel with family and kids, or elderly people. You can choose public transport if you have plenty of time, are ready for long walks or want to save money. In order to get to Rafailovici by public transport, you will have to walk from the airport to Tivat bus station.

Ordering a taxi in Montenegro is not a problem, especially if you do it in advance. Otherwise, if you take taxi on the spot, you run the risk of overpaying several times more. You won’t have to search for Wi-Fi, open an app or a website, enter the travel preferences and looking for a car. If you do this, the previously created request (not posted) will be deleted. The phone has not been confirmed and you cannot log in using it.

Our cars are in excellent condition, air-conditioned, new and pleasantly smelling. The taxi transportations we offer are only with secured professional drivers with extensive experience behind the wheel. You can rest assured that our company hires drivers after a complete examination of their professional and personal qualities. Experience a stress-free airport transfer and you will see that you can get a quality service for your money. Once you land at an airport – you don’t have to worry or even think about the bus timetable.

It is through the air harbor of Tivat that the bulk of tourists arrive in Montenegro. But, unfortunately, there are no fixed-route taxis at the airports and railway stations of the country, and the bus service is not developed, so it is best to get to the hotel by an individual transfer. If you are viewing this page of the site now, then you are on the right track!

Former Yugoslavia’s 24 airports handle 13.8 million passengers – EX-YU Aviation News

Former Yugoslavia’s 24 airports handle 13.8 million passengers.

Posted: Sat, 27 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

At Welcome, we provide all of our drivers with a live alert system that informs them of any changes to your flight’s landing time. One-way private door-to-door taxi transfer from Kotor by car. The whole car is just for you and the people who are with you.

We were very well welcomed, and the driver was very helpful when needed. We’ve visited almost the whole country and we know it well. We hope that it will be useful to you, because we love to travel and to share our own experiences and discoveries.

The choice of ways to get from Tivat airport to Budva and other coastal cities is small, but there is still something for every taste and budget. As you begin your Tivat Airport transfer, your driver will head northwest and then turn right toward Jadranska Magistrala. From here, they will take a left to stay on Jadranska Magistrala, passing the beautiful Tivat Mosque on the right. Next, your driver will turn left as you pass Zeta Travel, onto Stari Put. After around 300 meters, your driver will continue onto Tripovići and will take a left onto Tivat. Finally, your driver will take one last left onto Jadranska Magistrala, followed by a right onto Luke Tomanovića.

Will the driver be able to understand me?

If you are a group of 4 or less, you can take just one car – the fare is calculated on ‘per car’, not ‘per passenger’ bases. For travelling from Tivat to Sveti Stefan by taxi, there will be either flat fare or metered fare. The skill of the driver is also a factor that determines the duration of your travel. Local and veteran drivers may know the area like the back of their hand. This gives them the advantage of leaning all the backstreets and shortcuts that can even be more effective than routes suggested by Google Maps. You just need to order a car in advance and, as we have already written above, you will save at least 50%.

If during the process of planning your trip you decide to use the service offered by us, we advise you to book a car at least 16 hours before the expected arrival. Thus, experienced logisticians will be able to choose the shortest path to the hotel in order to offer you the lowest price for the provided transfer service. If you need a taxi to pick you up from Tivat Airport and take you to Gostivar Macedonia or to another place, just trust us. At the agreed date and time, a qualified professional driver speaking English will wait for you with a plate with your name (at the airport, hotel, train station, bus station or address). He will take you safely to the hotel, the factory or the address where you go. Our experienced professional drivers greet you in the airport waiting area, help you with your luggage then safely take you to your destination.

Directions for your Tivat Airport transfer

No matter how far your destination is, riding in our premium vehicles will make the time fly by. Our services are great value and cater to a wide array of needs. We offer coach transfers, minivans and minibus taxi transfers for larger groups. We can also provide baby seats, space for wheelchairs or other special requirements. Our online booking is simple and fast with a wide selection of cars, minibuses, limousines or shuttles that you can book in advance. Like you, we believe in reasonable prices, so we compare prices in Montenegro and beyond every day to make sure you get the best and highest quality offer.

How and where to order an inexpensive transfer in Montenegro? Save some money on taxi

You can either bargain with the locals at the exit (you can especially bring down the price if you speak Serbian with them), or pre-order a car through the Tivat taxi service. On average, the fare in Montenegro is cents / km and the landing is € 1.2-2, that is, even a trip to Bar will cost you no more than 60 euros. Therefore, either order a taxi service in Tivat, or bargain on the spot. In Montenegro, taxis are a fairly common mode of transportation. There are numerous taxi organizations that are regulated and operate with predictable prices, there are also independent drivers who will have taxi signs on their vehicles. The prices of these independent taxis are not fixed and they can charge you whatever they want.

Red Taxi

The last stop in Budva is local bus station, which is situated in the central part of resort and indicated as «Autobuska Stanica». If you don’t want to stay at the road, you can get to the bus station on foot, it is situated in few minutes. To do this you should get to highway and turn to Tivat and walk direct about 100 m. The bus stop is look like two yellow “mushrooms”, there are buses that go to Budva, but you should ask driver beforehand. Budva is popular resort on the bank of the Adriatic Sea and the most important touristic centre of Montenegro.

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